Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday +workout update!

Whew, hump day already!! I know my husband and kiddo are glad the week is half over...can't wait to sail into the weekend! But, this last week I had some delicious eats...here are the highlights:

This was our breakfast Saturday. It was so good. The night before I made croissants, then I took the leftovers and stuffed them with egg, cheese, tomatoes, and onions and put them on our George Foreman grill and grilled them up like Panini's! Everyone agreed they were amazing. On mine I put a smear of laughing cow & mustard too.

This was my post workout lunch one day last week...I made mini caprese pizza's! Just a few thick slices of tomato, put a basil leaf on and sprinkle with cheese. On one I had a leftover bean burger so I put that one there too. I had a few hard boiled egg whites...my dirty little secret: I DESPISE hard boiled egg yolk lol

This was our Saturday dinner. We had some amazing fries, but had them fairly late and weren't super hungry so I just rolled out some croissant dough, mixed some tomato sauce & tomato paste together, seasoned them added cheese and we had an instant quick light dinner! It hit the spot after a long day in the sun doing tons of walking sight seeing around town.

This was post workout just yesterday. Some brown rice with tomatoes sauteed in garlic butter with cheese, and some salad on top! Super filling.

Now on to my workout update! I am still plugging along with my double days...some days are better than others with hitting the doubles here lately. I am really sore everyday. Not a bad sore, definitely a good sore, but sore none the less. I am seeing huge differences all over my body...my hubby said he is too. I don't know if he is just saying that because he knows how sore I am or if he is really seeing them...I am going to trust him, he usually won't lie to me about that ;) haha

Last Thursday: Piyo Drench...today was a rest day from X2
Friday: X2 Yoga...was also supposed to do Piyo Buns, but this workout tends to bother my hips and
I was so sore so I skipped it.

Seeing major changed in my flexibility and balance. I can hold crow for a good 10 seconds and I am getting my legs closer together in wheel! YAY!

Saturday: Rest day but did tons of walking.
Sunday: Piyo Strength and lots of walking

I included this just because I love pictures of my jumping! ha! Plus, the shirt in this picture was really form fitting at one point and really tight and now it is loose! Look at it flying up in my jump! :D

Monday: This started a recovery week for X2. Piyo Drench and foam rolling
Tuesday: X2 Yoga
Today: Piyo Hardcore on the floor and buns. My two least favorite but they need to be done. I am finally seeing major changes in my bum and my stomach is definitely pulling up and getting flatter and I am seeing tons of definition in my obliques so I know they need to keep getting worked so I can continue to see that definition.

I am so glad this is a recovery week. I am taking it easy with the workouts and trying to do just one workout a day, making today my hardest day all week and I may not do the buns one will just depend on my hip.

I have been proud of myself for really cleaning up my eating again. I am feeling so much better and have a ton of energy, but at night I crash and I sleep super hard and have even been waking up naturally before my alarm (which is a big deal with our blackout curtains lol).

So, that sums it up for me! What have you been eating this week?!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Menu Plan Monday #55, plus a super awesome weekend update!

This weekend was a blast to say the least! We had so much fun as a family...explored the city a bit as it was free monument day so many places were open with no admission charge. This is great for us because we love to explore churches but they do have an admission. We got to see the Westerkerk  Church next to the Anne Frank House. It was the only monument I really wanted to see today so we enjoyed the walk there and then the walk back. It is in a beautiful area of town so the walk is really nice. Plus, exploring our new city is always fun.

I loved this lit candle display! I think it is the most beautiful one I've seen...

We also did a little shopping and got these amazing fries. We always pass this place and even in the evening after work there is a small line. The fries are super amazing, I mean amazing...I think because 1) they are fried well and 2) they are actually salted! ha!

The kiddo of course had cheer so here are some fun pictures:

I loved the fog in the background laying just above the farmland. There are sheep just off to the left. 

This is a screenshot from a video I took. They learned to do twist downs today and this was the 2nd time she did it and managed to twist all the way around! She really took to those so I am one proud mama!

Visit the rest of the party over at Org Junkie!

Anyway, moving on here is what you really came here for:

Breakfast Options:
French toast casserole sticks
Fruit bowl
Banana and PB Wrap
Big Ass Pancake
Saturday: eggs, toast, fruit/salad
Sunday: Cereal

Lunch Options:
School lunch: MWF: Pizza Rolls, apple, peppers and dip; T-Th: Ham and cheese wrap, orange, cucumber slices; Snacks all week: fall trail mix, apples with date paste or cinnamon raisin pb, small salad, energy balls

Home options: MWF: Chicken breast, sweet potato, and zucchini; T-Th: Pumpkin Soup, egg muffins

Monday: Teriyaki steak, rice, salad
Tuesday: Smothered chicken breasts with creamed spinach & onions, and bread and butter
Wednesday: BBQ Bacon Cheeseburgers, broccoli, corn, applesauce
Thursday: Chicken wings, bread and butter, spinach & onions, corn
Friday: Taco's with corn and salad
Saturday: Homemade hamburger helper and salad
Sunday: Something easy....I'm thinking ham and cheese panini's with salad and soup maybe leftovers from the week or maybe a combo of both depending on what we have ;)

So, what are you cookin' this week?! Trying anything new? Our menu isn't too exciting, but full of tried and true recipes!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Travel the World in Books Read-a-thon Wrap-Up

As many of you know I've been participating in a Travel the World in books reading challenge. Well, the last two weeks has been a read-a-thon. There have been author interviews, book reviews, mini-challenges, and chats! Sadly, since I am a solid 6-9 hours ahead of everyone I do not get to participate in the chats, but I could participate in everything else!

Book I Read
For the read-a-thon I was concentrating on reading one book: Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson

It is a non-fiction piece that takes place in a few different areas, one most notably Iceland. I only have gotten through the first three chapters, not my normal speed but it is heavy. In the very beginning the main character is in an accident and he is burned very badly. The author describes this in full detail and burning is something I cannot handle, but it is integral to the book so I knew I had to read it, but I could only handle it in small doses. I am past that point, but as he talks about the doctors caring for him there is a little more that is hard to handle. He is now at the point where he is explaining in detail how he will commit suicide so once again, I am having to take it slow.  Davidson's writing is very good and I am hooked because I want to know what happens once this possibly schizophrenic woman comes in to his life and changes everything! So, I am hoping to get there sooner rather than later because so far the main setting is a hospital and well, I know what those look like....

There were three mini-challenges during the read-a-thon.

The first was to create a map to record your "journey". I did mine quite a while ago on Pinterest.

(I swear there is a map there ;))

Second challenge was to make some book spine poetry!

My First Month
The house of Velvet and Glass
Happier at Home

This was based on the fact that we are so new to Holland that you always wonder in that first month what things will be like, but now that we are settled in to our own home, we are so happy and really enjoying our time here. Making great use of all there is to do and see!

The final challenge was a scavenger hunt!

This was such a fun event to participate in! Thank you so much to Mom's Small Victories, I'm Lost in books, and Savvy Working Gal  for putting this together, thinking of challenges, and having some great giveaways for those who participated! I am so happy to continue this journey of reading and learning about new places.

What have you read lately, I'd love to hear about it in the comments...make my reading list grow! ;)

Happy Sunday y'all!

Friday, September 12, 2014

A Day at the Beach in Holland, Part 3

Now, as I told you about earlier in the week, you can go sunning at the beach with access to great chairs and food and you can do some great activities like surfing. Now, the reason my daughter hosted her surfing sleepover is because of two reasons:

  1. She had a friend that had never surfed and wanted to and she knows her skills aren't that high that she could competently teach someone
  2. She had a really hard time surfing the waves here as they require a different technique that she had not been taught and wanted to learn.
So, after a super fun sleepover, and some discussion as it was cloudy and cold the day we went. The other girls mom was worried that the sea would be too rough and the waves too high. I assured her that if it were looking bad they would cancel the lesson so we would go and just see what happens..she was happy with that and the waves honestly were perfect for learning that day. There were plenty to catch and they had some speed behind them so once you caught one you could keep going a bit!

We started out with a little lunch. Trying to decide what to get....the friend speaks a bit more Dutch than us and we learned that day that "kaas" is cheese...

Then I had this amazing latte...sitting out enjoying it and watching the waves was so relaxing.

After, we walked down to sign in for our surf lesson. It was incredibly windy, but like I had predicted that was perfect for surfing.

First wave surf school is located at an Australian themed beach club. All the instructors are super nice and really knowledgeable. They all speak fantastic English as well ;)

I mean look at that flag whipping in the wind, I cannot even begin to explain how windy it was that day....

Poor kids could not keep their hair out of their face!

Finally the lesson started though, they start with teaching how to get on the board, a little about maneuvering in the waves, and then how to pop up. The technique they taught was slightly different from what my kiddo learned in Hawaii and that is because of how the waves break this particular technique is a bit more efficient.

They took everyone out and they had to carry their own boards. They actually had them carry them in teams of two since it was so windy. They were all losing control of the boards.

The waves don't get very big here...and these were actually "good" according to the guys at the school and I have to admit, they are the biggest waves we had seen here so far. They break fast so you never really ride a wave all the way in...eventually the wave just ends and you can just lay back down and get ready for the next...

You repeat this a lot...it is really exhausting. When the kiddo came in her cheeks were all flushed and pink...

A two hour lesson will do that to ya!

Yeah, you heard me two hours for their age...best deal on the beach. Don't go anywhere else.

Oh yeah, and kite surfing is big here too...hoping to get the husband to try that out with me ;)

After a while another mom and I got really cold and tired of walking up and down the beach so we went and enjoyed some girl time up at the beach club.

A bailey's and coffee was a necessity to get warm again!

These were three super fun trips to the beach and when the winter weather comes in I will remember each and every one of them fondly!

What is the best beach you've ever visited?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Fault in Our Stars Tour of Amsterdam

As many of you know by now The Fault in Our Stars is an amazing book...and if you don't know you should download it and find out. I am a wimp when it comes to possibly sad books. If I am going to engross myself in something I want it to take me to a far away land that has nothing to do with reality. But, thanks to pop culture I just couldn't be left out. I read it, then that made the teenager read it...that and it is set in Amsterdam! Pretty awesome, huh?!

Well, I remember reading somewhere (I can't find the article sadly) that John Green actually got to spend a year in Amsterdam courtesy of a literary association here and thus the book developed. So, seizing the day, the teenager and I decided to do a tour of Amsterdam hitting all the places mentioned in the book that actually existed!

First up was Hotel De Filosoof. If you saw the movie you know this is not where this was filmed. I am sure it is because the place is ancient and I can imagine it would have been difficult to get camera equipment in there...but it is a super cute place to visit....

We didn't go all the way inside as that is a lot of typical Dutch stairs to climb and neither of us were feeling up to it...

But, as you can see from the inside I have no doubt the rooms inside are every bit as unique as described in the book.

The location is just outside the Vondelpark...a very famous park here in Amsterdam.

This park is so beautiful....

We were having such a great time exploring!

They hold a lot of weddings here apparently...this was from the previous weekend. Very colorful, right?! 

I loved this art installation about waste....

As you may or may not know, Oranjee does not actually exist so we decided to stop in a cafe for a typical Dutch lunch...

Remember when Augustus brings Hazel a terrible cheese sandwich when he tells her they are going to Amsterdam?

Well, the Dutch are really keen on sandwiches, but lucky for us they aren't terrible!

I love sandwiches so you can imagine my joy when I learned the Dutch are so keen on a good sandwich...I have them for most meals when we dine out.

After that we decided it was a good time to head over for the movie...this wasn't in the movie but there is a gorgeous theater here called the Tuschinksi...

It is a super unique place to catch a movie especially if you can get in the main theater...

Which sadly we did not...but, it was still a great time!

After the movie it was pretty late in the afternoon/early evening so we decided to head over to the Anne Frank Museum...

I didn't get any pictures of the inside because photos are prohibited. You can take an online tour here though...

The time we went was decent, but we still waited an hour and twenty minutes in line...I hear it can get longer though.

We really enjoyed the tour and were glad John Green gave us some inspiration for a day out in the city!!!